Nov 22, 2010

Berlin Studytrip!

Tuesday, 16th of November
Take off at 830 hours: Destination Berlin.

The bus drive was so long! Everyone was tired when we took off, so a lot of people slept the first couple of hours. Around 3pm though, candy was eaten, sodas (and beers) were consumed, and we all had high hopes for the trip. Songs were played at the back of the bus, a collective voice, synchronized with the tact of every well-known number played, spread throughout the bus.
As usually, Maya’s stuff was making the bus a mess, trash and actual usable items mixed together randomly.
We had a great time, and our trip had just started for real.
We arrived at 630 to Meininger Hostel at Senefalderplatz near Alexanderplatz in Berlin.
Rooms were dealt with, and we all got a place to sleep and put our stuff. EVEN IF THE TOP BEDS WEREN’T MADE!! Grr!

Room 205, consisting of Maya, Henriette, Natacha and myself, Louise, went on unwilling sightseeing as we couldn’t find a proper place to eat. We ended up with pizza, but only after having discovered the coolest Vintage store EVER!! Beatles, nitted shirts, colors, headbands, and bikes. What’s not to love?
See? Even the entrance was awesome! 
Oh, and the Pizza place, Romantica’s waiter totally hit on Natacha. He is now called Mono, or Mister Mono since he had an eyebrow! That will follow Natacha for ever. Just like the pen he gave her as a parting present.
To end the day we found a small Hooka pipe place, where we 4 girls and a bunch of others sat down for good two hours, having a good time.

Wednesday, 17th of November
City-walk to Check Point Charlie, Starbucks, catholic churches, bible-burnings and awesome buildings with history embodied in them.
Portestant church close to Alexandersplatz

Breakfast was at 815 and as soon as we were done, we all headed out to explore Berlin. Hanne, 3.i's history and latin teacher, was acting as our tour guide presenting the history of Berlin to us as we walked through it streets. I had already been to many of the locations, so for me personally, it was more of a walk of nostalgia, than a walk to learning. Anyway, it was a nice trip, and I could supply with some of my own knowledge to the other girls from 205.

Later that night, we went to have sushi for dinner, which totally was the best thing ever! At least that’s what Maya’s cumface told us when she finished the last of her flamed makis. But we could only do that after finding Maya’s wallet, which she had forgotten at the hooka place. She was so scared! But we found it and went to eat.
Top photo: my makis
Bottom photo: Maya's flamed sushi!
Then we went back to the hooka place, to socialize some more, and I must say we succeeded! That place is so great! Calm and nice people/atmosphere, nice drinks, nice tobacco, not so nice prices, but it’s okay if you calculate the service in it too.
We got home a little to 3 and got to bed around 4.
Outfit picture :D
more to come soon :D

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  1. årh, det lyder hyggeligt, den butik lyder mega awesome-sauce. Bikes.