Nov 28, 2010

Berlin Studytrip! #2

Thursday, 18th November
Today it’s been Museum and zoo  time!

We saw a lot of cool stuff(animals) in the zoo, an I took a ton of  pictures! 
here see some :D 

They had a lot of monkeys! I heart them! also, Berlin Zoo has no fences, only like.. deep holes to make for a barrier to keep the cuties in Ö 

Then we went to an art museum having an exhibition centering on German expressionism in the early 1900s. Very inspiring and skilled artists, very good material for both my and Natacha’s art investigation books.
From there on we went on to a museum for the allied (USA, France and Britain) right after WW2. It told a lot about how they had divided Berlin, and how respectively the rulers of the 4 sectors, 3 in west, the soviet in east, treated the Berlinian citizens.
On the way home from there we got caught in Traffic jam. Bad traffic jam. So it took us more or less an hour to get back when it took us like 20 minutes to get there. Of my.

Great political discussion over burger and fries! Left wing VS Right wing: that was close to get ugly there. But very educational in its own way.
In the evening Maya and I went to the other end of town with a girl from 3.i. it was really nice, but we ended up going home by cap as the 3.i-girl didn’t want to walk home. So I ended up spending way too much money on caps that night.

Friday, 19th November

We saw the east side gallery which is a bunch of paintings painted on a long piece of the wall. 

They’re all really nice and very inspiring, all of them using different methods and styles.

"The wall" which one is it?

Famous piece, but I don't remember who's on it.
some world leaders or something ^^''
 From there on we went to a prison which was used under the Stalin regime after the war. It was a horrible but yet very exiting historical place. It’s also a piece of history that isn’t “dead” yet, in the way that the victims still lives.
It was filled with torture chambers and other disgusting rooms, and everything has been set to drive the prisoners mad in some way or the other.

We came home early and Maya and I decided to go see the new Harry Potter movie, but I wanted to go to a J-pop culture store called Neo Tokyo first, so we split up and were supposed to meet in the hotel.
But it was impossible to find Maya, so Henriette and I ended up talking about who knows what for an hour or so.
BUT! Maya came home, and we went to see the first part of the 7th movie, which took me with storm, and as usual I cried like a baby!! 
good movie, they did well *pat pat*
other pictures/ events:
The Sony Center which is a outdoor mall
we watched HP7 pt.1 here in Cinemaxx

Students playing in the metro!
Saturday, 20th November
my what a great construction! love love loved it!
it was originally intended to be build in Iron and glass, but since Hitler wanted it to make a magnificent ruin, if it's still there in 1000 years time, he wanted to build it in stone. Of course there were a lot of discussions about this matter, but in the end, as you can see, Hitler got his way.

not much to say there, so I'm just gonna put in pics :D 

Lots of space!! lots of seats! (btw, Hitler build this!)

We also saw a pretty protestant church! 

 Sunday we just got in the bus and drove home. I slept most of the way comfortable in my Kigurumi *heart*


Nov 22, 2010

Berlin Studytrip!

Tuesday, 16th of November
Take off at 830 hours: Destination Berlin.

The bus drive was so long! Everyone was tired when we took off, so a lot of people slept the first couple of hours. Around 3pm though, candy was eaten, sodas (and beers) were consumed, and we all had high hopes for the trip. Songs were played at the back of the bus, a collective voice, synchronized with the tact of every well-known number played, spread throughout the bus.
As usually, Maya’s stuff was making the bus a mess, trash and actual usable items mixed together randomly.
We had a great time, and our trip had just started for real.
We arrived at 630 to Meininger Hostel at Senefalderplatz near Alexanderplatz in Berlin.
Rooms were dealt with, and we all got a place to sleep and put our stuff. EVEN IF THE TOP BEDS WEREN’T MADE!! Grr!

Room 205, consisting of Maya, Henriette, Natacha and myself, Louise, went on unwilling sightseeing as we couldn’t find a proper place to eat. We ended up with pizza, but only after having discovered the coolest Vintage store EVER!! Beatles, nitted shirts, colors, headbands, and bikes. What’s not to love?
See? Even the entrance was awesome! 
Oh, and the Pizza place, Romantica’s waiter totally hit on Natacha. He is now called Mono, or Mister Mono since he had an eyebrow! That will follow Natacha for ever. Just like the pen he gave her as a parting present.
To end the day we found a small Hooka pipe place, where we 4 girls and a bunch of others sat down for good two hours, having a good time.

Wednesday, 17th of November
City-walk to Check Point Charlie, Starbucks, catholic churches, bible-burnings and awesome buildings with history embodied in them.
Portestant church close to Alexandersplatz

Breakfast was at 815 and as soon as we were done, we all headed out to explore Berlin. Hanne, 3.i's history and latin teacher, was acting as our tour guide presenting the history of Berlin to us as we walked through it streets. I had already been to many of the locations, so for me personally, it was more of a walk of nostalgia, than a walk to learning. Anyway, it was a nice trip, and I could supply with some of my own knowledge to the other girls from 205.

Later that night, we went to have sushi for dinner, which totally was the best thing ever! At least that’s what Maya’s cumface told us when she finished the last of her flamed makis. But we could only do that after finding Maya’s wallet, which she had forgotten at the hooka place. She was so scared! But we found it and went to eat.
Top photo: my makis
Bottom photo: Maya's flamed sushi!
Then we went back to the hooka place, to socialize some more, and I must say we succeeded! That place is so great! Calm and nice people/atmosphere, nice drinks, nice tobacco, not so nice prices, but it’s okay if you calculate the service in it too.
We got home a little to 3 and got to bed around 4.
Outfit picture :D
more to come soon :D

Nov 15, 2010

J-pop con 2010

Så er J-pop con overstået, og det har bare været en rigtig god con!
Jeg vil nye venner: Blandt andre Morten og Patrick fra Tyskland :D
Fik også snakket en del med Line Møller (som jeg håber at se endnu mere til i fremtiden!) og generelt så jeg bare en masse mennesker jeg ikke ser normalt!

Masser af super hyggeligt cosplay var der også, og cosplayshowets kvalitetsniveau var i år virkelig højt! Love’love! Jeg fan-girlede en del over de to DN Angel sketches der var = DARK ER LÆKKER!
Desuden var der et fantastisk Silent Hill show, som virkelig fik mig til at skide i bukserne da jeg var på skolen alene her i eftermiddags da det var mørkt! D: 

For slet ikke at forglemme det super cool winning act, de havde begge virkelig fortjent det, og nu håber jeg bare at de, og deres flotte kostumer, kommer godt til Japan og WCS og får en god oplevelse der. :3
Så var der den store æde-konkurrence mellem Line og jeg på Wagamama Tivoli! Chili Chicken Ramen of doom man! Jeg var nødt til at give op da jeg fik en hel mundfuld med rent forårsløg, ad! Desværre vant Line jo så ^^’’

Dealer rummet var i pr KÆMPE STORT!! *3* og jeg elskede så meget på så mange ting, men fik mig snævret ned til en Kyuubi plushie, 5 plakater, 2 trøjer og en Renji figur til mine hylder! Det var super dejligt! Nu er jeg rigtig nørdet med min Naruto trøje!
Der ud over ved jeg ikke hvad der mere er at sige, end tak for en virkelig dejlig con!  Jeg glæder mig allerede til SVS!

Næste cosplay projekt: Lichi Faye Ling

(Jeg har ingen billeder af mit Xbox cosplay, som gik i stykker efter allerede en time D: vil prøve at uploade efter min stuietur til Berlin, love) 

EDIT!!: mit Xbox Coxplay!
Bare ignorer mit ansigt k? xD