Dec 31, 2010

31/12/2010 - New Years eve

The last day of the passing year has finally come, and therefore I feel like I need to do a final update here on my poorly held blog ;D

I wanna say sorry for not uploading as often as I should have. I will try to make that better in the new year!
On the 24th I was so fortunate that my DeviantWEAR order had arrived and I just had to try them instantly! Go I love them! “Creative Juice” T-shirt and “Deviant” hoodie for ever!
I finished my White skirt too. It looks really cute!

 For Christmas I got a Wacom Intous 4 from my dad! I was so happy, still am! But sadly it won’t arrive until the 3rd of January, which makes me a little mad taking that they said right after the Christmas days. Hrmf. Oh well, nothing to do but wait I guess.

It was a buisy time between Christmas and new years eve, but I did manage to have a nerd-off with a bunch of friends. We watched TMNT, PowerRangers, Hulk VS Wolverine, Hulk VS Thor, Batman forever: return of the Joker and DR. WHO! Omg! I need to watch more Dr.Who! he’s just soooo charming man!
dr. Who was btw, enjoyed accompanied by a fine glass of White wine I got for my B-day! Very delicious :D

I also had a shopping day with my dear Friend from LA - Caroline :D she was in my class last year, and returned to celebrate Christmas with her Danish family!
And as we were shopping oh so joyfully, we discovered a SALE!! WOOO!! On SHOES!! WOO!! FROM BIANCO!! WOOOO!!! So we split the offer and had 2 pairs of boots for 1’s price! (y)

Today’s outfit will be up sometime in a near future! 

Dec 22, 2010

Dec. 22nd 2010

Ah, it looks like I should update once again. sorry for being to bad at remembering this, but it seems like I've been having too much to think about.

December has been a very  busy month as usual.
The first weekend, Friday the school had a Christmas party, which was nice, minus a incident involving a classmate of mine and a guy I was talking to almost getting into a fight. stupid boys. nothing happened though and the evening ended well. I was, by the way, wearing a homemade santa-girl dress!
Saturday was the day for the annual IB christmas lunch which the IB Social Comity (IBSC) was responsible for. As the newly elected president WOOP (I was the only one running for the title, so it wasn't much of a victory) I had to take care of the kitchen as the person in charge of that decided to be an HOUR late. without telling us beforehand. when that was done, I went and got shitfaced! ;3
Sunday: we had a Christmas get-together at my dad's place as we have every year. of course this meant that I had to make a dress for my sister as well. I myself reused the one from friday.
it was a very nice day, even if I started it with something that could resemble a smaller hangover, haha.
I forgot to set a new record in eating 'Æbleskiver', which was a shame, as I had eaten 13 before I forgot and I only needed 6 more to reach the 19 which would have been a victory in that area. too bad. I'll see if I can get around to do it next year.

Saturday's and Sunday's outfits:

new next week flew away with homework and other stuff related to school.

Last weekend, 3 weekend in December was a weekend at home spent with family and friends.
Friday, family lunch With Dad, Anne and I, joined by Marianne and her family.
I took a lot of nice pictures of my step-niece, she's a real cutie:

Saturday Hava visited me, love love love! guy's choice awards with Bailey and stuff :D
Emilie visited me Sunday. it was really nice seeing her again. heart u darling! 

Monday I was sick. very sick urgh. not cool at all. so I was in bed all day, missing Maya's last day in School and other important stuff like that.

Tuesday: Christmas show at school and BlazBlue gaming with Sascha! I wanna play more! 

'Till next time!