Jan 17, 2012

17/01/2012 - y I b so hungry?!

For the past coupe of days I've had a massive appetite.. so big, that when Oli visited this weekend we ended up at McDonald's drive-in, just two hours after we'd eaten dinner at home, to pick up a nugget team box. And a cheeseburger...
It was good.

And now it's half past 11 and I should be sleeping.. But noooo, my stomach is growling like the lead from Korn.. Fuuu-

On that note I figure I should tell you more about my weekend?

On Wednesday I visited Marie-Louise for good company, pizza (eaten on the floor like a baws), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Assasins Creed Relevations, Batman: Arkham City, and a real nice evening <3

Thursday I was home alone, and literally passed out at 7PM and slept till 11 when Oli called, worried that I didn't answer his texts. And then I couldn't fall asleep again, just great huh?

Oli came over Friday. He arrived by train at 15.09, and I picked him up in a similar outfit to what I'll be wearing to batman live next weekend, but I won't tell you what that is just yet ;)
Then we did the McD trip, and Got beaten by Dad and Marianne in Trivial Persuit~

Saturday we spend all day in bed, before rushing out to see Marie-Louise win a prize for her work in school<3 you go girl !! After that we went home to eat all three of us, and left from there to the Chibi Kita event of the month "Move your body". So good to finally move a bit again!! I need kinect at home!! I just do!! Just Dance is seriously so entertaining<3
There wen was a Sentai dance which made Oli real happy, being the feel he is ~

Sunday I was supposed to do homework. I didn't.
Then Oli got sick the poor guy, and grot me up most of the night because of it, so we missed my only lesson Monday morning.. Not a big loss, but still.. Around 5 Oli had to go back home.
I really wished we lived closer together..

For next week my goal is to get my TOK essay, Danish essay, and half the World Literature Assignment done

And that's pretty much it~
Here's some cosplays I hope to get done some time before the ending og 2013 ~


  1. Årh baby :( Jeg ville også ønske Oli boede tæt på dig <3 Jeg glæder mig sådan til at se dig til batman live!

  2. holy cow, some skanky outfits ;D and u sure you no pregnat? since you are so hungry o_O

  3. I det mindste holder I nok af hinanden til at rejse for at ses <3 det er da en betryggende tanke på en eller anden måde.

    Men du lyder da som ngoet af en busy bee! Lyder sjovt!

  4. UUH! I'm so very exited to see this!
    Haha it's only healthy to have a good apatite =)

    and WOW XD We have some of the same cosplays planed out, amazing <3 It's gonna be interesting <3