Dec 31, 2010

31/12/2010 - New Years eve

The last day of the passing year has finally come, and therefore I feel like I need to do a final update here on my poorly held blog ;D

I wanna say sorry for not uploading as often as I should have. I will try to make that better in the new year!
On the 24th I was so fortunate that my DeviantWEAR order had arrived and I just had to try them instantly! Go I love them! “Creative Juice” T-shirt and “Deviant” hoodie for ever!
I finished my White skirt too. It looks really cute!

 For Christmas I got a Wacom Intous 4 from my dad! I was so happy, still am! But sadly it won’t arrive until the 3rd of January, which makes me a little mad taking that they said right after the Christmas days. Hrmf. Oh well, nothing to do but wait I guess.

It was a buisy time between Christmas and new years eve, but I did manage to have a nerd-off with a bunch of friends. We watched TMNT, PowerRangers, Hulk VS Wolverine, Hulk VS Thor, Batman forever: return of the Joker and DR. WHO! Omg! I need to watch more Dr.Who! he’s just soooo charming man!
dr. Who was btw, enjoyed accompanied by a fine glass of White wine I got for my B-day! Very delicious :D

I also had a shopping day with my dear Friend from LA - Caroline :D she was in my class last year, and returned to celebrate Christmas with her Danish family!
And as we were shopping oh so joyfully, we discovered a SALE!! WOOO!! On SHOES!! WOO!! FROM BIANCO!! WOOOO!!! So we split the offer and had 2 pairs of boots for 1’s price! (y)

Today’s outfit will be up sometime in a near future! 


  1. Den nederdel er altså blevet flot! damn jeg elsker det første billede med den. Den ser bare overnuttet ud med den trøje! :D

    smukke trold! <3

  2. sød nederdel, den er blevet flååååt 8D Lækre dame ~ Godt nytår

  3. The white skirt is super cute! I especially love the first coordinate with - the sweater is way too cool *-*